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At Enics, we are committed to ensure that our customers' business runs as smooth as possible when it comes to e.g. supply chain reliability, successful system integration, reducing risks, maximizing the benefits of business transfers or whatever your challenges are.



Supply Chain reliability – focus on components managed by many partners

How do you ensure supply chain reliability when there is more than one party responsible for prices, terms and conditions for your product? Are your flexibility requirements under control or...


Successful system integration ramp-up with a partner

There is a market trend to outsource more system integration and box build business. How vital is it for your manufacturing partner to understand your final products and business requirements when...


Customer Proximity and Global Network in the “DACH-market”

Influence of strong Swiss franc for EMS set-ups In January 2015, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) had discontinued the minimum exchange rate of 1.20 Swiss francs per Euro. Within hours,...


Reduce your risks in China with the right partner – Trade Compliance

Are your China operations suffering from business disruptions due to customs clearance hurdles? Can you clear customs 24/7 with a lead-time of less than a day? Having problems with products...


Maximizing profits during and after Business transfers

Is transferring your product’s manufacturing operations to other location causing you lost profits and net sales? Why is that? What went wrong? You and your partners should be experts on...


How to mitigate the risk of counterfeits in your supply chain?

The easiest thing would be to avoid the open market totally and only buy from franchised sources or directly from manufacturers, but that is not realistic in today’s world for...


Why is there an opportunity in the market for counterfeiters? Let’s focus on industrial electronics.

The issue of counterfeit components originated with concerns coming from the military and aviation industries, and it has been discussed and addressed for a number of years. However, the situation...


Why is LEAN so unique in Enics? It is a part of Enics' culture with integrated Enics' Values. It provides flexibility and high yields to our customer. It enables us to improve constantly and its standard structure enables LEAN to be spread across all Enics Business Units.



Want to be LEAN? Reach your ultimate speed and flexibility potential.

In the dynamic world of today, almost all businesses are facing the challenges of how to accommodate fast-changing market demands and flexibility requirements to maintain their market leader positions. Maintaining...

Electronics Engineering

Electronics engineering builds a bridge between Industrial OEMs’ product development and successfully producible products. Furthermore, it extends products’ life cycle, securing the best possible return on development investment.



Trouble in Paradise? Product launch delayed due to quality and cost?

To maximize market potential, you need to launch your products to the market on time and with the expected quality and cost.  How do you ensure that Your end customers...


How to avoid investments in updating product structures?

How much do you invest in keeping your product’s component structure up-to-date? Do you have access to your own product data when you need it? Do you know what specific...


Manufacturing friendly products save costs

A lot is taken into account when developing a new electronics product: functionality, schematics, components, mechanical construction, and regulatory approvals. Manufacturing friendliness, on the other hand, may not be at...


Intelligent selection of components during design

Have you ever designed a product only to find that you have designed in obsolete components?  You selected the component, purchased samples from a distributor, manufactured the prototype, and are...

Conflict Minerals

Conflict minerals are those minerals that are extracted in a conflict zone and often sold to perpetuate the fighting. Section 1502 of the Dodd–Frank Act is intended to make transparent the financial interests that support armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) area. By requiring companies using conflict minerals (Tungsten, Tantalum, Tin and Gold) in their products to disclose the source of such minerals, the law is aimed at dissuading companies from continuing to engage in trade that supports regional conflicts. Section 1502 is applicable to all SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) issuers (including foreign issuers) that manufacture or contract to manufacture products where “conflict minerals are necessary to the functionality or production” of the product.



Conflict minerals – Does it concern my company?

Industry requirements for compliance to the Dodd-Frank Act The Dodd-Frank Act was named after the two legislators who created it. On July 21, 2010, US President Obama signed the Dodd-Frank...


Regular maintenance of electronic devices prevents break-downs, reduces costs and can extend the operating life of the products for decades.


Enics Life Insights

Enics Life: New Innovative Web Portal for Real Collaboration

The latest innovation from Enics, Enics Life, is a collaborative web portal for all partners along the value chain, and one that is unique in the market. In essence, it...


Longterm Obligations: Often Forgotten, Always Present

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs in short) tend to lose focus on the consequences of neglecting long-term commitments regarding the availability of service for systems whose integrity – and legal compliance...


Industrial Electronics Repair – “Quick & Dirty” or Professional?

The requirements for industrial electronic devices are high. This is understandable if we compare the total costs incurred by an emergency shutdown with the cost of the electronic components themselves....


How to avoid investments in updating product structures?

If you manufacture industrial electronics products, those products may be in production for a long time. So long, that it might not be easy to know which components go into...


Electronic Maintenance – Are you sitting on a ticking bomb?

Did you plan electronic maintenance of your printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) 10, 20, or even 30 years ago when you sold industrial equipment like elevators, power plants or trains?...

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