Electronics Engineering

Electronics engineering builds a bridge between Industrial OEMs’ product development and successfully producible products. Furthermore, it extends products’ life cycle, securing the best possible return on development investment.



Trouble in Paradise? Product launch delayed due to quality and cost?

To maximize market potential, you need to launch your products to the market on time and with the expected quality and cost.  How do you ensure that Your end customers...


How to avoid investments in updating product structures?

How much do you invest in keeping your product’s component structure up-to-date? Do you have access to your own product data when you need it? Do you know what specific...


Manufacturing friendly products save costs

A lot is taken into account when developing a new electronics product: functionality, schematics, components, mechanical construction, and regulatory approvals. Manufacturing friendliness, on the other hand, may not be at...


Intelligent selection of components during design

Have you ever designed a product only to find that you have designed in obsolete components?  You selected the component, purchased samples from a distributor, manufactured the prototype, and are...