Regular maintenance of electronic devices prevents break-downs, reduces costs and can extend the operating life of the products for decades.


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Enics Life: New Innovative Web Portal for Real Collaboration

The latest innovation from Enics, Enics Life, is a collaborative web portal for all partners along the value chain, and one that is unique in the market. In essence, it...


Longterm Obligations: Often Forgotten, Always Present

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs in short) tend to lose focus on the consequences of neglecting long-term commitments regarding the availability of service for systems whose integrity – and legal compliance...


Industrial Electronics Repair – “Quick & Dirty” or Professional?

The requirements for industrial electronic devices are high. This is understandable if we compare the total costs incurred by an emergency shutdown with the cost of the electronic components themselves....


How to avoid investments in updating product structures?

If you manufacture industrial electronics products, those products may be in production for a long time. So long, that it might not be easy to know which components go into...


Electronic Maintenance – Are you sitting on a ticking bomb?

Did you plan electronic maintenance of your printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) 10, 20, or even 30 years ago when you sold industrial equipment like elevators, power plants or trains?...

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