Undisturbed Business

At Enics, we are committed to ensure that our customers' business runs as smooth as possible when it comes to e.g. supply chain reliability, successful system integration, reducing risks, maximizing the benefits of business transfers or whatever your challenges are.



Supply Chain reliability – focus on components managed by many partners

How do you ensure supply chain reliability when there is more than one party responsible for prices, terms and conditions for your product? Are your flexibility requirements under control or...


Successful system integration ramp-up with a partner

There is a market trend to outsource more system integration and box build business. How vital is it for your manufacturing partner to understand your final products and business requirements when...


Customer Proximity and Global Network in the “DACH-market”

Influence of strong Swiss franc for EMS set-ups In January 2015, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) had discontinued the minimum exchange rate of 1.20 Swiss francs per Euro. Within hours,...


Reduce your risks in China with the right partner – Trade Compliance

Are your China operations suffering from business disruptions due to customs clearance hurdles? Can you clear customs 24/7 with a lead-time of less than a day? Having problems with products...


Maximizing profits during and after Business transfers

Is transferring your product’s manufacturing operations to other location causing you lost profits and net sales? Why is that? What went wrong? You and your partners should be experts on...


How to mitigate the risk of counterfeits in your supply chain?

The easiest thing would be to avoid the open market totally and only buy from franchised sources or directly from manufacturers, but that is not realistic in today’s world for...


Why is there an opportunity in the market for counterfeiters? Let’s focus on industrial electronics.

The issue of counterfeit components originated with concerns coming from the military and aviation industries, and it has been discussed and addressed for a number of years. However, the situation...