Enics China supports Enics’ customers in their efforts to gain market position. We have the capability to provide a highly competitive service offering for cost-driven products by utilizing local sourcing and manufacturing. We are acting as a channel to Enics Global Network. Our strengths are high mix PCBAs and system assembly for professional electronics.

Enics has two sites in China - in the capital of P.R.China Beijing, and in Suzhou - one hour drive from Shanghai.

Enics in Beijing

The closest airport is the Beijing Capital Airport. From there, please take a taxi to the Enics plant in Beijing.

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Enics Electronics (Beijing) Ltd.

Building No.7, Jin Tian Heng Ye Industrial Park
No.28 Jing Hai 2nd Road
Beijing Economic & Technological Development Area
Beijing 100023
Tel. +86 10 67892929

Address in Chinese:

邮编 :100023

Enics in Suzhou

The closest airports to Enics Suzhou are Shanghai Pudong Intl. Airport and Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. From there please take a taxi to: Enics Electronics (Suzhou) Ltd.

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No. 7 building, Xin Hang
Industrial Square
Huang Pu Jiang Road
New & Hi-tech Industrial
Development Zone
Changshu 215500
Tel. +86 512 52900668

Address in Chinese:
黄浦江路 鑫杭工业坊7号厂房

Enics in Estonia

Enics in Estonia focuses on providing optimized manufacturing and supply chain services for customers in the Industrial segment. We offer our customers the full range of manufacturing services in cost competitive locations near European markets and near our customers’ development centers. Our main focus is customer satisfaction through solid Quality-Delivery-Cost performance.

Enics Estonia is located in Elva in the Southeast part of Estonia near the second largest city of Estonia, Tartu.

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Enics Eesti AS

Valga mnt.7a
61504 Elva
Phone +372 5194 7327

Enics in Finland

Enics Finland provides full lifecycle services including Engineering (ES), Manufacturing and After Sales Services. We are constantly seeking improvement benefiting our customers' needs. Lohja site has a high level of expertise and broad service range. We concentrate on enhanced engineering services, manufacturing services for low volume and high mix production as well as value-add after sales services. With this unique skill set, we will develop new business by participating in early life cycle of products.

Enics in Lohja

Lohja plant is located in Southern part of Finland just 50 km from the capital Helsinki.

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Enics Finland Oy

Gunnarlankatu 5
08150 Lohja




Enics in Oulu (Enics Raahe)

Enics unit in Oulu is fully focused on engineering services.

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Enics Raahe Oy

Kiviharjunlenkki 1 E
90220 Oulu




Enics has a factory in Sweden, Västerås, a 1,5 hour drive from the capital city, Stockholm.

Enics in Västerås

Enics Västerås has a broad services range of services in engineering and design. We are focused on shortening your time-to-market for the whole value chain from PCB design to manufacturing.

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Enics Sweden AB

Västerås Site
Kontraktsvägen 1
SE-721 69, Västerås,
Phone +46 (0)21 17 93 00
Fax +46 (0)21 17 95 00

Enics in Switzerland

Our universal and integrated solutions are based on a comprehensive range of services in engineering, manufacturing, after sales and demand & supply chain management.

The Enics plant in Switzerland is located in the small town of Turgi, which is located in the northern part of Switzerland near the German border and 30 min. from Zurich.

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Enics Schweiz AG

CH-5300 Turgi
Phone +41 56 299 44 00

Invoice address

Enics Schweiz AG

c/o Enics Eesti AS
Valga mnt. 7a
61504 Elva


Enics in Malaysia

Enics Malaysia is a full capability manufacturing location for industrial, medical and professional products with top competitiveness. We offer everything from PCB Assembly, Conformal Coating, Box Building and system integration services for your global and South East Asia Market.


Enics Malaysia

Enics Malaysia locates in I-Park Senai Airport City Industrial Park, adjacent to Johor Bahru in Malaysia and 64 kilometers to Changi Singapore airport.

Google Map

Enics Malaysia Sdn Bhd

No. 48, Jalan i-Park SAC 7
Taman Perindustrian i-Park SAC
81400 Senai, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Phone +60 7 5909310