Sustainability & Compliance

Enics Code of Conduct

At Enics we are committed to conduct our business in a responsible and sustainable way and we expect the same commitment from all our partners. Good business ethics and compliance with the laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate give strong basis to our operations. The everyday work of all Enicsians is guided by principles stated in the Enics Code of Conduct and other company policies.

Economic responsibility

Economic responsibility, within the concept of sustainability, means ensuring the company’s profitability and competitiveness.  A solid financial performance is the basis for all the other activities in our company. To achieve the goals set for our financial performance, we follow the principles described in our management system (e.g. planning and reporting). The rules of IFRS and country specific legislation are followed in reporting our financial performance.

Environmental responsibility

Enics sees environmental responsibility as an important aspect to ensure sustainable development of important environmental factors. Therefore, Enics has decided to focus on waste reduction, recycling, offering product lifecycle extension services, and situating production close to our customers and suppliers. These actions will reduce our environmental footprint and reduce non-recyclable landfill waste.

As an example, Enics has invested to the equipment for recycling solder material to reduce the waste. Our units operate according to an environmental management system and have ISO 14001 certification, and with local regulations and customer’s specifications. Enics has an internal compliance team in place to review relevant laws and regulations and implement those into Enics operations.

Over the years, Enics has received recognition from customers and other parties.

Social Responsibility

Enics recognizes that human rights should be considered fundamental and universal, based on accepted international laws and practices, such as those of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Labor Organization and the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) principles.

Enics has been a member of UNGC since 2011 and continuously develops itself to reach the highest standards in UNGC principles.


Supplier relations

Enics has been a member of UNGC since 2011. Although we have followed good business practices since the company was established, we have widen our role even more, taking strong stands and implementing concrete methods, both within Enics and with our major external stakeholders.

Our main goals include a special focus on our valued suppliers and raising awareness of all four principles of the UNGC. These four principles – human rights, labor, environmental thriftiness, and anti-corruption – are at the very core for sustaining a prosperous, healthy and happy society.

Suppliers are an important and integral part of the total supply chain of Enics. They are expected to conduct their business in compliance with the same high legal, ethical, environmental and employee-related standards that Enics itself applies. Enics promotes the application of these standards among its suppliers and endeavors to follow their actions in this respect.