How does Enics deliver the best customer experience in industrial electronics?


Picture a city. Now picture an energy flowing through the city making elevators run, traffic lights change, breathing life into the infrastructure. Picture office buildings and hospitals; systems consisting of solutions and smart parts that make societies work. That’s the result of the One Enics way of thinking and doing. It is the energy flowing through our whole process. It’s the thing that essentially makes us thrive. One Enics is seeing our work as a union of service and modern working culture.

Ever since the founding moments of Enics, we have strived for redefining the field of industrial electronics. We want to thrive and keep on growing by delivering innovative and sustainable lifecycle solutions globally.

We also have a set of rules called The Enics Code of Conduct. It dictates that respect and responsibility – along with customer, innovation and success – are the core values guiding our service experience and the way we do business. We see the bigger picture and acknowledge our part in it.

Besides determination and commitment, we have all the tools and capabilities to fulfill our mission of becoming the partner of choice for industrial OEMs. With broad customer understanding and clear market focus as our driving forces, we have been able to establish ourselves as a comprehensive, high-quality solution provider. Instead of thinking about the mission we’ve accomplished already, we realize this is only the beginning. Working with leading companies, providing leading solutions, we continue to aim even higher.


Let’s go back to the city we started from. Picture someone making decisions that make life easier for the citizens, making the city more accessible, safer, keeping the energy in motion and serving everyone in the city. Picture trams and escalators and the people benefiting from a working infrastructure. Picture the customer.

Our services are a part of everyone’s life – so in a way everyone is our customer. It’s not routine business talk for us to say that the customer always comes first, it’s among our core values. Together with the customer we define and maintain a service proximity that allows us to connect and flow, to create an ongoing dialogue that builds mutual understanding. The customer is always the key, keeping us motivated and constantly on our best game.

With solid vision of the reasons, targets and results, we help our customers recognize their needs. The Enics services are based on long-term partnerships and cover the entire product life cycle; from engineering and manufacturing to after sales. By continuously widening our service portfolio and seeking new ways to further strengthen the relationship with the customer, we are certain to conquer even higher peaks.


True progress is often dictated by those who welcome change, and we are up for the task. Again, picture an ever-changing, ever-developing city. Then picture the person in charge of all the smart parts that keep things moving, the person making sense of the complexities behind it all so the people can go about their everyday lives. That’s us. Enics is the hub connecting the product and the end-user.

Together with our top-tier suppliers and partners, we’ve transitioned from a traditional EMS to a modern, more integrated service provider and our aim is to continue in that path. Ease of service and being able to adapt are among our keys to success, but also having the dignity to expect a level of professionalism and a proactive attitude from everyone we work with. The rapidly changing needs of customers, suppliers and partners are always considered first.

With the unified industrial processes being an essential part of our way of working, we always offer our customers the same level of readiness and quality of work, no matter which factory is on the job. We require our business units to strive for the same spirit, have the same assortment and talk the same language as others, throughout our the Enics network.

In the One Enics way of doing things, service is a key factor in fulfilling our mission. Providing the best service is supported by our process-oriented way of working, LEAN and focus on quality and safety. We want to stay agile and responsive in an ever-changing field.


Now picture a group of people with their respective skills moving through the city, taking care of each other while keeping the energy flowing. That is us.

We act as one strong entity. Putting emphasis on modern ways of working and really supporting each other at work, the Enics Family is about the sense of purpose and togetherness. We take an active interest in providing work-life balance and making sure our work environment is supportive for everyone involved, from the local economies to the customers and everyone putting in the hours and using their talents.

The Enics Family is first and foremost about great people and we want to let it show.


The One Enics way of doing is the result of focus and vision.

Always starting with the customer and their needs, we aim to reach our set goals and be successful by encouraging better communication and delivering products that last. Enics takes pride in being a trustworthy partner, a sustainable company and a considerate employer as well as a performance-driven business operator with a hunger for growth.

Making the most of proven ideas and technologies, we also live from fresh angles and solutions. We want to let our innovative spirit fly freely and establish new ideas that can take us and our customers further. At the same time we emphasize the utmost respect and professionalism towards everything we do – and the commitment to deliver whatever has been agreed.

By building mutual trust, communicating openly and taking on new challenges as a team, we can establish even stronger partnerships – the strongest possible foundations for a better tomorrow. We are in constant dialogue with the world we operate in – and with the fantastic people making our work possible.

We keep the energy flowing. We are inspired together.

And that’s how we deliver the best customer experience in industrial electronics.