Anti-Japanese Protests in China and Its Possible Impact to Global Supply Chain

Recent anti-Japanese protests in China have compelled some Japanese manufacturers to close down their operations in the country for the time being. In addition, some companies including Panasonic and Mitsumi Electric have reported that some of their plants have been damaged. Panasonic reported that two of its plants in Qingdao and Suzhou have been hit.

At the moment it is difficult to assess the exact impact of these plant stoppages, but there is a potential risk, that these have some impact on the global supply chain in case the situation continues for prolonged period.   Enics has formed a task-force to identify and handle any potential disruptions together with our suppliers and partners. The objective is to react fast in case any problem rises and to reduce risks to a minimum. This is precaution; at this point no critical threat has been identified.   We keep you informed about the situation. For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your contact person in Enics.


Petri Helin
Senior Vice President
CRM and Supply Chain (act.)