Enics Beijing Receives Highest Level Customs Certificate in China

Enics is one of the first EMS companies to receive AA-level customer certificate in China. AA level certificate is the highest customs certificate possible in China. In last 6 months General Administration of Customs performed several audits in which Enics’ processes and operational management was evaluated.

In China customs companies are classified to 5 different levels – AA, A, B, C and D. The highest level is only given to companies with excellent reputation, consistent export or import processes and who are highly compliant to customs rules and regulations. Only 0.5 % of Beijing’s import and export companies have been classified as AA level and these are mainly big multinational companies with solid track record in China.

“Good relations with customs in China is important for the smooth flow of goods and services in and out of China. This “double A” certificate is a testimony for our capability to handle this important process and relationship in the correct and professional manner. This certificate will enable us to provide our customers from Beijing with higher service levels”, says Mr. Petri Helin, Senior Vice President, Customer Relationship Management.

The level AA enables Enics Beijing to clear goods through customs 24/7 so that even if goods arriving or shipped at night time can be released from customs within a couple of hours. In addition, the inspection rate in customs is reduced from 10% to 2%. This reduces the supply chain risks and gives Enics Beijing better flexibility when serving customers.

Enics Electronics (Beijing) Ltd.

Kaur Andresson
General Manager