Enics Beijing Receives Quality Award

Enics Beijing plant showed a true spirit of performance and was awarded with quality award.
The winning criteria are the Voice of Customer, the level of performance, improvement capability and financial performance. Enics Beijing has improved all KPIs (key performance indicators) during 2009, most significantly in OTD (on time delivery) and cost of poor quality.

“Winning Enics quality award is a big achievement for Beijing; it is a visible landmark for the hard work people did here in 2009. Quality is extremely important for us and taken very seriously because it is the key in winning new business”, says Kaur Andresson, General Manager, Enics Beijing.
“I am happy to see Beijing win Enics Quality Award. They have improved every year and now the level of performance and rate for improvement exceeded other units. Congratulations to the whole Beijing team! “, says Hilkka Nuolioja, Quality Director.

Since 2007 Enics management has had a tradition to award good quality performance. The first time award was given to Enics Turgi and the two following years to Enics Malmö.

Enics quality award criteria are developed to support Enics strategy and focuses on improvement and spirit of performance.

Enics AG

Ari Räisänen Hilkka Nuolioja
Senior Vice President Director
Operations Quality

Further information:
Mrs. Hilkka Nuolioja, Director Quality, tel. +358 40 500 8068