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Enics donated money to the Chinese “Project Hope”.

This project promotes poor migrant workers children well-being.
Love and Care for Pupils of Elementary Schools for Immigrant Workers’ Kids
Warm Health Care Delivered by Foreign-funded Companies

In the morning of December 18, 2007, nearly 600 pupils from the Tongxin Experimental School and other elementary schools for immigrant workers’ kids were being vaccinated free of charges on their campuses, with warm words, orderly activities and sweet smiles everywhere in winter days. This love donation activity is sponsored by the Enics Electronics (Beijing) Co. Ltd., being one of the company’s key public welfare and society-paying back activities launched around the world.

According to reports, to support the public welfare activity, the Enics Electronics (Beijing) Co. Ltd. will issue electronic greeting cards instead of producing traditional paper Christmas cards for its customers and use the production cost thus saved to provide free vaccines to pupils of elementary schools for immigrant workers’ kids. While expressing gratitude to its customers, the company is also making energetic call for more enterprises to join the love donation activity. The hearts of kids have been touched repeatedly, leading to a firmer determination of “study hard and pay back to the society”.

This activity has received vigorous supports from the Beijing Foreign Enterprise Human Resource Service Ltd. and the Foreign Enterprises Branch of the Beijing Volunteers Association. At present, all major foreign-funded enterprises have reached a common understanding in terms of boosting public welfare practices and levels, spreading voluntary service concepts with actual activities, etc. They are making vigorous efforts to reasonably make use of their own resources, innovate forms of voluntary services and improve real effects of public welfare activities. A cultural atmosphere of “love donation and jointly building a harmonious society” is emerging among foreign-funded enterprises.

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