Enics during COVID-19 – At your Service

Enics during COVID-19

COVID-19 touches also Enics: People being a central value for Enics, we do our outmost to protect our and our partners’ people. We follow closely guidelines by the WHO as well as local health officials in Enics’ countries to ensure our employees are protected and able to keep our operations running. We are proud to see how well our people are adapting to the protective measures on our production sites, and home office environment for those whose work allows it. It is an honour to witness the dedication our people have for our and our customers’ success. We maintain communication with local officials to ensure all of our production sites are operating and serving our customers, also in the coming weeks and months.

Our societies and cities are functioning even in the extraordinary situation we are living. Important technical solutions provide energy to our homes, control traffic, help in the now so important and busy hospitals, monitor our environment and analyse how people behave; Enics’ smart parts are present in our surroundings also in these times, helping our societies. Our engineering teams are ready to develop new solutions to match new needs, and our wide footprint helps to secure supply chains and manufacturing, even when the World is battling a pandemic.

Even in times of COVID-19, Enics is at your service.