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Enics Elva Received IRIS Certificate

Enics announced today, that it’s Elva, Estonian Business Unit has received IRIS Certificate.
Press Release, 2011-01-31, 10.00 CET – Enics announced today, that its Elva, Estonian Business Unit has received IRIS Certificate. IRIS stands for International Railways Industry Standard. The certification was awarded by Bureau Veritas. IRIS is a globally recognized standard unique to the railway industries for the evaluation of management systems. It is based on the ISO 9001 structure and adds railway specific requirements on top of TS automotive standard for the business management system.

Enics Elva is the second IRIS certified plant within Enics network. Enics Vasteras got the certificate 1,5 years ago, and it was the first company in electronics industry to receive IRIS. Elva was awarded this certificate due to skilled and experienced personnel, good quality system as well as good working procedures. “IRIS is an exceptionally demanding standard, and achieving it involved passing a challenging audit. Although this standard is a requirement mainly for rail industry customers, it shows to all of our customers that our operations are to a high quality standard, and that we achieve this standard repeatably and efficiently”, says Ms. Hilkka Nuolioja, Director, Quality.

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Ari Räisänen Hilkka Nuolioja
Senior Vice President Director
Operations and Supply Chain Quality

IRIS is International Railway Industry Standard. IRIS complements the internationally recognized ISO 9001 quality standard introducing rail specific requirements. IRIS is based on the ISO 9001 Structure and adds railway specific requirements for the business management system, e.g. regarding Project Management, Design, RAMS, LCC etc. IRIS is modelled on similar quality standards already in place in the aerospace, and automotive industries and it aims at the avoidance of multiple business management system auditing and therefore increased cost efficiency.

Enics is one of the largest electronics manufacturing services (EMS) companies in the industrial and medical electronics field and provides end-to-end solutions consisting of design-support, NPI, manufacturing, supply chain management and after-sales services for the whole lifecycle of its customers’ products. More information on the company is available at www.enics.com.