Enics Estonia acknowledged as the most education friendly organization

The Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia recognized Enics Estonia as the most education friendly organization of the year 2014. The Ministry of Education stated that Enics’ personnel policy supports employees’ studying and training possibilities; e.g. in vocational schools and universities. Employees are also enabled to complete the educational path using their work time flexibly.

Eveli Punnison, Manager Human Recourses of Enics Estonia: “We are very proud of this award. It is a big recognition to us. It confirms that Enics Estonia’s personnel policy and the development plans towards our employees are heading in the right direction and we have done already a great job in this field.”

Gaile Vijar, personnel specialist explained: “Well-educated employees, with good knowledge base, skills and experiences help to bring extra value to the organization – they ensure the quality, initiate changes and are involved into the development work. Our customers also value solid and thoughtful training system and education friendly atmosphere. That increases their trust and satisfaction with us. Southern Estonia, and more precisely, Tartu area also benefit from our training system as we prepare young people for their professional life. They receive thorough knowledge base and experience from the electronics manufacturing, so basically we provide our employees the knowledge of vocational school level”.

It was highlighted that Enics Estonia collaborates actively with other organizations from Southern Estonia, e.g. conducting internships to the students of Estonian Aviation Academy, training the students of mechatronics from Tartu Vocational School, receiving students from different specialties for internships, introducing the company in schools and being a partner of internships for Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund. According to the partners, Enics Estonia is a trustworthy and cooperative partner, and working with them is easy and pleasant.

„In the future we will definitely continue collaboration with different organizations and amplify our scope offering the studies of electronic equipment assembly for students of vocational schools and universities. This way we continue contributing into the society and young people’s entrance into the professional life. We have created several innovative development programs and also plan to further develop the system and trainings for multifunctional skilled employees. All this helps to drive the growth of organization’s labor resource competence and flexibility, which in turn facilitates the increase of production effectivity,“ added Eveli Punnison.



Jaanus Aal
Site Manager