Enics Is a Socially Responsible Company

Enics has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) for 2 years, since December 2011. Membership in the UNGC requires us to conduct an annual self-assessment audit covering ten universal principles coming from four main aspects – Human Rights, Labor, Environment and Anti-Corruption.

To summarize the results of the Enics 2013 UNGC self-assessment, we are at a very good level in Human Rights, and we are good in the areas of Labor, Environment and Anti-Corruption. In those areas we have local policies and procedures in place in most of our Business Units. We can further improve by sharing our best practices and implementing appropriate policies and procedures in all our Business Units.

In the Environmental area, we have good practices in all Business Units in setting targets and monitoring our KPI’s in the main environmental aspects, as all Enics’ Business Units are certified with ISO14001. We can further improve in this area by having common global environmental principles, aligning our environmental KPI’s and target setting. Therefore, in the longer term, we need to target creating a global environmental policy and also align our reporting in the network.

According to the self-assessment, the area where we need to improve the most is Anti-Corruption. Enics is a very responsible company, but as the UNGC continuously puts higher demands on its members, it means that we also need to continuously improve in this area. Therefore, we will work on such things as creating and implementing a common Anti-Corruption Policy and Non-Compliance Reporting Procedure during the coming years.

Besides working on those areas internally, the Supply Chain unit, in cooperation with Legal Affairs, is working with our suppliers on the ten universal principles of the UNGC. Endorsing high standards and committing our partners to a high level of ethical behavior is one of our tasks as a member of the UNGC.

Enics supports the ethical conduct of business in all its forms. The United Nations Global Compact principles are linked to Enics’ supplier selection and assessment processes and tools. Enics’ preferred suppliers are required to sign an Enics Code of Conduct as part of the preferred supplier program.

As to Enics’ customers, many of them are actively promoting and endorsing social responsibility and in that way also influencing the business community in their value chains.

Did you know that:
The UNGC self-assessment questionnaire consists of 268 questions that have to be answered one by one. In the case of Enics, we have answered all of them.