Enics is selected as partner to Atlas Copco Tools

Atlas Copco Tools has selected Enics as its collaboration partner for the manufacture of its next generation of controller, PowerMACS 4000.
Enics has contributed with engineering service and manufacturing knowledge during the industrialization of the PowerMACS 4000. Enics will now provide manufacturing and logistics services of the PowerMACS 4000 to Atlas Copco Tools. Enics has long experience of manufacturing Atlas Copco Tools controllers and will with this new product widen the portfolio and strengthen the position for future cooperation.
“We have been able to create a unique partnership with Enics, thanks to a very good common understanding and open communication, which all in all have given a trustful cooperation for each other. This is a good example of our effort to simplify the Supply Chain as much as possible,” says Anders Fogdahl, Atlas Copco Tools.

“Atlas Copco’s innovative products with superior performance are a perfect fit to our strategic focus on industrial electronics. This is clear prove that our customer focused business model paired with global capabilities, matches perfectly our customers? needs and is good platform for a long term partnership”, says Dirk Zimanky, Senior Vice President, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enics Group.

Dirk Zimanky
Senior Vice President
Customer Relationship Management

Further information:
Dirk Zimanky, Senior Vice President, CRM, Enics Group, Tel. +41 79 593 99 91
Anders Fogdahl, Supply Manager, Atlas Copco Tools, Tel. +46 8 743 9436