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Enics launches Enics Life – an innovative, collaborative web portal

PRESS RELEASE, 29 September 2016, 10 CET

Co-Creating value through collaboration is a global megatrend and a stated aim for Enics, global electronics manufacturing services provider for industrial electronics. The company’s latest innovation, Enics Life, is a unique web portal integrating all partners along the value chain.

Enics Life is Enics’ new web platform for seamless collaboration. It provides its users – from customers to suppliers – convenient and easy access to business relevant information, data and reports. As an integral benefit, the secured portal enables a more efficient, lean and transparent communication between all partners. Kristian Federley, Enics Vice President, Engineering & After Sales Services, says: “The customers profit from an accelerated access to knowledge and first-hand information – whenever they want it and as they need it. With just a few clicks they can create online reports supporting their business needs and to safeguard the professional management of their products’ lifecycle.”

Federley, facilitator of Enics newest innovation, adds: “Still in 2016, we start integrating a supplier portal into Enics Life.” This means that customers can receive, for example, first-hand information about price and market trends of component technologies. In the future, it will be possible to access information, data and reports from all Enics services on the web platform. The customers will be able to get online information about their prototypes (Enics Rapid) or requested test reports (Enics Catch). Federley: “My vision is that Enics Life will be a primary example for a thriving collaborative web portal in the industrial electronics market.”

At the time, full Product Lifecycle Management services (PLM) are available on Enics Life. The extensive component library enables an optimized component evaluation so that users can speed-up their product’s time-to-market. The PLM services on Enics collaborative portal also provide information for the professional management of obsolete components and global compliance requirements like RoHS or conflict minerals.

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Kristian Federley
VP, Engineering & After Sales Services


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