Enics Launches Multisite Business Unit

Enics launches world-class Multisite Business Unit (MBU): Västerås, Elva, Lohja
Press Release – Zurich, Switzerland, 19 May 2011 – on April 13 Enics announced that it will strengthen the cooperation between its business units in Elva, Finland and Västerås. Today Enics launches world-class Multisite Business Unit (MBU): Västerås, Elva, Lohja.

Västerås, Elva and Finland sites will become one multisite business unit. The new set-up will enhance the customer service level and satisfaction as well as increases Enics flexibility and service capabilities.

Lohja and Västerås sites have high level of expertise and broad service range. These sites will additionally concentrate on enhanced engineering services, world-class manufacturing services for low volume and high mix production as well as value-add after sales services. With this unique skill set they will develop new business by participating in early life cycle of products. Elva’s main focus is world-class manufacturing utilizing it’s expertise in medium to high volume production.

“Combining these three sites we see that we have an optimal set of competences and resources in this new business unit. We believe that this way we at Enics can better respond to the customers needs and enhance service offering to them”, says Mr. Ari Räisänen, SVP, Supply Chain and Operations.

The Multisite Business Unit will be lead by Mr. Mikko Lassas, General Manager (GM). Prior to this post Mikko has been responsible for the Finnish Business Unit.

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Ari Räisänen
Senior Vice President
Supply Chain and Operations

Further information:
Ari Räisänen, SVP, Supply Chain and Operations tel. +41 79 571 5371