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Enics Malmö Adapts it’s Operations

In response to changes in the market situation, Enics Business Unit Malmö will lay off totally 22 employees from which 6 are White Collar Workers and 16 Blue Collar Workers.
“The market situation in some manufacturing segments will be weak during the whole 2009 and we need to adjust our capacity accordingly. At the same time, the future for Industrialization and New Product Introduction services looks more promising. Our World class capabilities in this area have been broadly recognized by our customers, and we will continue to strengthen them further.” says Leif Johansson, General Manager Enics Malmö.

Enics employs about 185 people in Malmö and around 2,500 worldwide. The company also operates in China, Finland, Slovakia, Switzerland and Estonia. Enics is headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland.

Enics Sweden AB
Malmö Business Unit

Leif Johansson
General Manager

For further information, please contact:
Leif Johansson, General Manager Enics Malmö, Tel +46 709 713113