Enics selected as partner for Atlas Copco Tools

Enics and Atlas Copco Tools have signed an agreement which broadens the scope of their partnership.
With more than 10 years’ experience of manufacturing part of Atlas Copco Tools’ controller range, Enics and Atlas Copco Tools have signed an agreement which broadens the scope of their partnership. Enics will provide Atlas Copco Tools with manufacturing and logistics services also for the new controller range throughout the whole life-cycle of the products. Enics has provided engineering services and its manufacturability expertise during the industrialization of the new controller range.
“Enics has shown a high level of competence and a deep interest, combined with the capability to improve our product with their industrialization and manufacturing process,” says Janne Lundberg, Software Develop Manager, Atlas Copco Tools.
“We selected Enics after researching and investigating the global market. We see their overall ability to procure, produce and ship products globally as an important aspect of fulfilling our future needs. They also understand our business,” says Anders Fogdahl, Supply Manager, Atlas Copco Tools.
“We have provided services to Atlas Copco Tools for a decade and consistently worked on our skills to serve our customer better every day. I am very happy that our proven strong partnership now enters into the next phase of even deeper global collaboration. Atlas Copco’s strategy and innovative products perfectly match to Enics’ focus. ” says Dirk Zimanky, Senior Vice President, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enics Group.
”We actively invest in our people, capabilities and services to bring more value to our customers and are extremely happy that this strategy now gives us the opportunity to continue to deepen the partnership with Atlas Copco” says Leif Johansson, General Manager, Enics Malmö.

For further information, please contact:

Leif Johansson, General Manager Enics Malmö, Tel +46 709 713113