Enics Starts Employee-Employer Negotiations in Varkaus Unit, Finland

Enics has decided to begin employer-employee discussions within the Varkaus customer service centre. These operations will be transferred to Enics other factories, in Finland and abroad, during 2009.
In the second half of last year, Enics engaged in an extensive programme aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of its Finnish operations. In Finland, Enics’ operations, such as the lion’s share of printed circuit board assembly, were further concentrated in its new Lohja plant. Moreover, the company made major investments in the latest technology, while bolstering its manufacturing, test system and after-sales services.

The markets and competitive situation in volume products have seen major upheavals, with the related production costs in Finland often being too high. Since most products from Enics’ Varkaus customer service centre are so-called volume products, the centre’s operations are becoming unprofitable.

For this reason, Enics has decided to begin employer-employee discussions within the Varkaus customer service centre. Based on the preliminary plans, these operations will be transferred to Enics’ other factories, in both Finland and abroad, during 2009. Invitations to the employer-employee discussions were issued today. A preliminary estimate of job reductions is 186 employees.

In Finland, Enics employs around 500 people. It has Finnish locations in Lohja, Vaasa and Varkaus. In addition to Finland, Enics has operations in China, Sweden, Slovakia, Switzerland and Estonia. Enics has a total of around 2,700 employees.

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Country Manager

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