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Enics Switzerland – Investing Further in Production

For Enics Switzerland, being a state-of-the-art production facility goes without saying. Recent investments allow the technology partner for the development, production and support of high quality, safety-related industrial and medical electronics to meet our customers’ quality and flexibility requirements even more efectively and efficiently in the future.

In the first quarter of this year, Enics Switzerland put into service a number of new production systems. Thus investments in the Enics plant in Turgi, which specializes in small-to-medium volume production with a wide range of variants (high mix / low volume) using a comprehensive life-cycle management system, continued in 2014 (see Press Release «Enics Switzerland is further investing into the Future» of 29 April 2013).

Since this spring, the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) production has a new component programmer, including new adapter. Among the many new features of the system, productivity can be increased due to faster programming time. In addition, a new 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) machine has been integrated into the SMT assembly line. It checks the printed solder paste for short circuit formations, offset (deviation from the standard position) and volume. With the implementation of this new inspection process, the First Pass Yield and quality assurance can continue at a high level, and be increased further with respect to the solder print quality of each circuit board and optimization of the stencil designs. Recently, an AOI machine, short for Automated Optical Inspection, has also been fully integrated into the SMT assembly line. This is particularly useful in shortening the inspection time. Daniel Buser, Head of Manufacturing, Enics Switzerland: «With these various innovations and the integration of additional buffer, we now have an optimized SMT line for our customers – it offers ideal flexibility for our core competency: high mix / low volume manufacturing.»

Also in the Through Hole Technology (THT) manufacturing sector there have been investments in recent months. With the introduction of two new soldering systems, a Tunnel Wave Soldering system and a 4-pot selective soldering system with lead-free and leaded production capabilities, the layout was simultaneously converted to «lean». This is clearly visible in the form of new work islands for one-piece-flow production processes. Regularly implemented Kaizens in the procurement, planning and production processes provide continuous improvement and are part of the Enics Switzerland company philosophy.

Further changes for optimal production conditions, flexibility and quality, are already in view. With a new robot system for conformal coating, which is currently being tested, and a new Mixed-Signal Test system (MST), currently under development by the company’s own testing specialists, Turgi continues to invest and improve its assets.

Enics Switzerland

Sabina Romagnolo
General Manager

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Enics Switzerland with 190 employees is part of the Enics Group. The site in Turgi is specialized in the development, production and maintenance of products with a high level of variation and small-to-medium lot sizes, in addition to life cycle management and complex system assembly.

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