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Enics Switzerland is further investing into the Future

Enics Switzerland invests in three new production systems for their modern equipment park.

Enics Switzerland in Turgi develops, produces and maintains electronics in the fields of energy, industrial automation, transportation, building automation, instrumentation and medical systems. The company has currently reinvested in its production systems in order to be able to provide a technologically modern and diverse equipment park for the fulfillment of future needs. Following on the acquisition of a new fully automatic PCB depaneling machine in 2010, several new systems have been installed including a new in-circuit test system in 2011 and a new environmentally friendly PCBA cleaning system last year, as well as a new automatic optical inspection system, expected within the next few weeks, that will be integrated with the SMT assembly process at the Turgi plant (Canton Aargau, Switzerland). Furthermore, the wave-soldering and selective-soldering machines have been replaced with modern, flexible systems.

Daniel Buser, Head of Manufacturing Services, Enics Switzerland, says: “Our customers rely on us for the highest levels of quality and expertise. Typically we deal with complex products having a very multifaceted range and assembled in small-to-medium sized lots. That’s why we continuously invest in our equipment. On the one hand, with these latest procurements we’ve ensured that we remain at the forefront of technology.” Continuing, “On the other hand, the new systems make it possible to provide even more flexible services. The timing of these current modernizations fits perfectly with the optimization of our production processes within the framework of the Lean Management philosophy and our Manufacturing Execution System, which allows for control of our production processes in real-time, both of which are currently in the introductory phases.”

General Manager Sabina Romagnolo explains: “With these newest investments, the Enics Group has again established a strong signal for the manufacturing center in Switzerland. We are putting all of our effort, today as well as tomorrow, into fulfilling the requirements of our customers as best as possible. The resources are available – we employ over 215 highly skilled coworkers having extensive know-how, and possess customized processes in addition to a top-modern machine park. Furthermore, our customers can take advantage of the global Enics Network that currently offers eight sites on two continents.”

Enics Switzerland

Sabina Romagnolo
General Manager

Enics is the partner of choice for professional electronics in the fields of energy, industrial automation, transportation, building automation and instrumentation. As one of the largest electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers in the world, we help industrial companies optimize their value chains and improve their competitiveness through increased productivity and product reliability as well as decreased time-to-money and total cost of ownership. Enics provides end-to-end EMS services ranging from engineering, full-scale manufacturing and after sales services to sourcing & supply chain management. Our world-class offering includes fast prototyping, new product introduction (NPI), cost reduction services, test system development, printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, box build, system assembly, as well as repair and maintenance. For more information, please visit our website at www.enics.com.

Enics Switzerland with 215 employees is part of the Enics Group. The site in Turgi is specialized in the development, production and maintenance of products with a high level of variation and small-to-medium lot sizes, in addition to life cycle management and complex system assembly.

For detailed information, visit us at www.enics.com.