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Enics Switzerland takes over Activities from ABB Switzerland

Starting September 1st, 2006, Enics Switzerland will provide assembly-, test- and repair – activities of Protection- and Station-Automation products for ABB Switzerland.

By this move, Enics as Electronics Manufacturing Service Provider continues to strengthen its strategic core of After-Sales Services and System Integration. The 18 ABB employees affected by this transaction will transfer to Enics Switzerland.
«With this move of taking over the assembly and test unit of Protection, Station automation Products from ABB Switzerland to Enics Switzerland, we clearly strengthen Enics core service areas of System Integration and After-Sales. This perfectly complements our strategic alignment as a top technology partner for highly demanding customers in the fields of industrial electronics and healthcare», quotes Martin Tanner, General Manager of Enics Switzerland. «In addition, we are able to deepen our long-term partnership with ABB, with this deal», adds Tanner. The end-customer interface, as well as the ownership of all affected products, remains unchanged with ABB Switzerland.
Since already many years Enics Switzerland provides assembly and testing of subassemblies for a number of product families of protection- and station automation products for ABB Switzerland. The complete system-integration for new products is already provided today by the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider located in Turgi. Martin Tanner: «These quality products with their high complexity fit perfectly into our portfolio. The wide variety of different products that have to be handled in extremely short delivery times requires substantial know-how in the areas of project management, manufacturing and testing. »
As per 1st of September 2006, Enics Switzerland will also take over the repair services of protection- and station automation product generations which are not active any more, for ABB Switzerland. By this, Enics core business of After-Sales Services is substantially enforced.
The 18 ABB employees affected by this transaction will work at Enics Switzerland, located at Turgi from 1st September 2006 onwards. No reduction of workforce is anticipated. «We welcome our new employees very warmly in our company and look forward that they will join our team», states Martin Tanner.

Enics Switzerland Ltd.

Martin Tanner
General Manager

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Dirk Zimanky, Senior Vice President, Enics AG, Tel. +41-79-593 99 91
Martin Tanner, General Manager, Enics Schweiz AG, Tel. +41-56-299 23 01

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