Enics to expand manufacturing site in Suzhou, China

Press Release
September 10th 2021

In response to increased demand, Enics announces expansion of its manufacturing site in Suzhou, China. The high-volume electronics manufacturing site serves both Chinese and international customers.

Electronics Manufacturing Service company Enics is announcing expansion of one of its largest manufacturing sites in Suzhou, China.

“Responding to increased demand, we are expanding our floor space by 50%, to over 22.000 square meters total still within 2021. The expansion space, adjacent to Enics’ currents manufacturing site in Suzhou, will house both warehouse space, as well as new assembly lines and certain function testers” tells Enics’ Vice President, Asia Jane Liu. “This expansion to a ready-constructed space enables fast increase of our capacity and smooth integration with our already existing operations in Suzhou.”

Enics manufacturing site in Suzhou provides high-volume electronics manufacturing with new product introduction (NPI) and testing development services to both Chinese, as well as international customers. The highly automated manufacturing site currently employs 500 people, and takes pride in its high performance in delivery, quality and cost-competitiveness.

For more information, please contact Chief People and Culture Officer Susanna Kohisevankoski, tel. +358 40 7015375. 

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