“Lean is all about flexibility” – stated Miroslav Sagan, Enics Lean Senior Manager.
Enics Asian Partner Day, industrial electronics, electronics manufacturing servicesWho doesn’t know from personal experience possible “pains” like bad ergonomic set-up, waiting for the product or insufficient quality and its consequences? Miroslav provided solutions to these pains using the lean approach. “Enics’ Lean philosophy is based on four pillars – flexibility, culture, quality and tools,” so Miroslav, who is constantly on the road to train Enics’ people personally in all the Business Units. Kaur Andresson, former General Manager of Enics in China and now the Vice President, IM and Processes explained the way how to implement lean with all its facets in a memorable way: “How do you eat an elephant? In pieces!”

Jun Kusaka, Former Chief Monozokuri Engineering Group from Murata shared striking lean results; e.g. the high impact of developing tailor made facility as a replacement of an existing one with high capabilities. The reason of this was that the high-class facility did not allow an optimal single-piece-flow design. The lean top-shot from Japan showed also that lean activities at Murata brought clear benefit soon after the implementation, and in the second year the process of improvement was even more significantly higher.

Fan Jianping, chief economist and director department economic forecast of the Chinese State Information Center, said: “Today we are the world’s manufacturer; tomorrow we will be the world’s market.”

Enics Asian Partner Day, industrial electronics, electronics manufacturing servicesEnics Awarded Its Best Suppliers
“We need our partners in order to grow together,” says Petri Helin, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain of Enics. Enics awarded Avnet Sunrise, Shenzhen Kinwong Electronic and Shenzhen Honeycomb System as the suppliers of the year 2013.

Enics Asian Partner Day “LEAN on Us” gathered around 250 industrial electronics experts from Asia and Europe on 6 November in Shanghai. Click here to see the photos.

Next Enics Partner Day will be held in September 2014 in Hong Kong.