Major Investment to Ensure the Future Growth

Enics will invest several million Euros to increase the capacity of its Beijing plant.
Press Release, 9 July 2010 – Enics will invest several million Euros to increase the capacity of its Beijing plant. The amount of customer orders has grown significantly for the past 12 months and with this investment Enics Beijing sets the path to the future growth.

With this major investment Enics Beijing will increase the manufacturing area and invest in the latest technology. The expansion of the manufacturing area enables the increase of employees from current 600 to 900 if needed. The SMT capacity will also increase by 100 % which means significant increase in products produced. Additional benefit from the investment is the further improvement of the quality. The new generation machines are more accurate and more flexible. Also the process and equipment reliability is higher due to new technologies used in the machines. These investments enable to keep the cost competitiveness due to lower cost of ownership.

“Our market situation has developed positively during the first half of the year and this has lead us to decide to increase the capacity at Beijing plant. The growth has been possible through strong customer focus and drive for continuous improvement by the whole Enics Beijing Team”, states Ari Räisänen, Senior Vice President, Operations.

The capacity increase project will be made in several steps starting from Q3 2010 and will be completed in Q4 2010. There will be no production stops during the implementation.

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Ari Räisänen Kaur Andresson
Senior Vice President General Manager

Further information: Mr. Kaur Andresson, General Manager, Enics Beijing, tel. + 86 10 6789 2929 201.