The surface mount assembly (SMA) of Enics on a high level internationally

The Enics Lohja factory participated in a Lean project financed by Tekes between 2008 and 2011. The purpose of the FinnLean project was to develop a method of implementing the Lean philosophy in a manner suitable to the Finnish corporate culture. Lean philosophy is used to improve and streamline production and office environments and processes.

One of the first areas of focus for Enics was the development of the surface mounting process essential to their operation. The results gained by simplifying the tasks and roles of the operator and technology team, improvement of job rotation, as well as continuous improvements and very small and appropriate investments were significant. The number of errors in surface mounting has decreased to one tenth compared to earlier numbers, the exchange time was improved by 83 % to three minutes, the number of shifts came down from three to two, and the number of surface mounting lines from three to one. In addition, the mounting speed of the surface mounting line tripled when compared to the earlier three lines, which, for example, enables the manufacturing of multiplied prototype lots.

The Lean development of Enics continues with studying and improving other areas. Over the past year, the number of errors in manual mounting has decreased by more than 50 % and effectiveness has improved by 30 %. The continuous improvement of material and information flows in the factory and office via value stream mapping is now part of every-day actions in Lohja. Several customers have also expressed their interest in cooperation to develop the entire delivery chain.

In addition to customers, several major international companies have visited the Lohja factory to familiarize themselves with practical application of Lean and the results achieved with it. Close cooperation with other Lean accustom companies plays a major part in learning higher-quality and more effective modes of operation. The results achieved in surface mounting, manual processes and office processes, as well as the more effective modes of operation, are taken gradually to other units of Enics around the world.

In addition to extremely positive customer feedback, the factory of Enics was awarded with the second place in the “Lean Act of the Year 2010” competition of the Lean Association of Finland.

More information on the Lean development of Enics can be obtained from Niku Jalkanen, Manager Process Development, tel. +358 44 353 8000.

More information on the Lean Management philosophy can be found, for example, in the webpage of the Lean Association of Finland (

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