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Watersprint and Enics in Partnership for Manufacturing of Intelligent Water Purification Products

Enics was selected to become Watersprint’s long-term strategic partner for manufacturing of their unique product for water purification in professional facilities such as hospitals and swimming halls. Watersprint is a Swedish company based in Lund, with a focus on innovative water cleaning products and solutions. Enics is one of the top five EMS companies focusing on Industrial Electronics.

Watersprint’s innovative solutions purify water using UV light generated from a combination of unique patterns of UV LED control and an advanced electromechanical design. Together with an inbuilt wireless module for system control it enables our customers to get a complete water cleaning solution. There are no chemicals used in the cleaning process and the health aspects are top priority.

The first product manufactured by Enics will be a water cleaning product for showers in professional facilities (e.g. hospitals and public swimming halls).

“We need a fast, flexible and worldwide partner for our products. Enics is the perfect partner for us and matching all our criteria and needs,” says Anders Ruland CEO, Watersprint AB.

“We are extremely happy to enter this partnership with Watersprint. Our companies’ vision, mission and values are matching perfectly. We both want to be part of value chains delivering sustainable innovations improving quality of life for today’s and future generations. We are proud to work with innovative companies such as Watersprint and bring meaningful solutions to critical global challenges,” says Leif Johansson, General Manager, Enics Sweden AB.

Leif Johansson         Anders Ruland
General Manager      CEO
For more information, please contact:
Anders Ruland, CEO, Watersprint. +46 73 845 39 63
Fredrik Schultz, Sales Manager, Enics +46 70 971 31 09

About Watersprint:
Watersprint’s innovative solutions purify water using UV light, generated from a combination of unique patterns of UV LED control and an advanced electromechanical design, which together with an inbuilt wireless system enables users such as communities, hotel chains, restaurants, villages or even complete towns to purify their water and keeping control and maintenance in a highly efficient manner. Giving both the environment and the health aspect utmost priority, no chemicals are used in the cleaning process.
Watersprint is an innovative company at the forefront in both engineering and the environmental perspective. The company has expertise in IT, telecommunications and nanotechnology in addition to water and food technology. Watersprint develops and creates products for a sustainable society, in an environmentally-friendly and energy efficient manner.

About Enics:
Enics is the partner of choice for professional electronics in the fields of energy, industrial automation, transportation, building automation and instrumentation. As one of the largest electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers in the world, we help industrial companies optimize their value chains and improve their competitiveness through increased productivity and product reliability as well as decreased time-to-money and total cost of ownership. Enics provides end-to-end EMS services ranging from engineering, full-scale manufacturing and after sales services to sourcing & supply chain management. Our world-class offering includes fast prototyping, new product introduction (NPI), cost reduction services, test system development, printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, box build, system assembly, as well as repair and maintenance. For more information, please visit our website at www.enics.com [1].