Enics Life: New Innovative Web Portal for Real Collaboration

The latest innovation from Enics, Enics Life, is a collaborative web portal for all partners along the value chain, and one that is unique in the market. In essence, it serves as one common secured communication hub and will transform the way data and information is managed.

“We are very proud to launch Enics Life – our collaborative web portal. With this innovation we are raising the management and flow of business relevant data between all partners in our value chain to a new level,” says Kristian Federley, Vice President of Engineering and After Sales. The facilitator of Enics Life explains: “On the new web portal the required information is available whenever you want it and as you need it.”

Benefits from Enics Life …

However, how does Enics Life support the life of its users? The advanced collaborative portal offers access to first-hand information, comprehensive analyses and requested reports. Due to the interaction on one common web platform, the communication is much faster, more efficient, lean and transparent.

With just a few clicks, Enics customers get, for example, online access to all relevant information about their products and the status in the lifecycle. Therefore, Enics Life helps to speed up the time-to-market for new products. It enables the optimization of the total cost of ownership, and it supports increasing the profit from investment by extending the products life span. Of course, with such sensitive matters, to guarantee data safety and log-in security was a crucial part in the development of the web portal.

… today …

Currently, Enics Life provides full Product Lifecycle Management services. This means that the collaborative portal manages half a million component data with 100 million attributes, 700,000 data sheets/specifications/drawings, and 36,000 customer products. The extensive component library in Enics Life enables an optimized component evaluation. Furthermore, Enics Life provides information for the professional management of obsolete components and global compliance requirements like RoHS or conflict minerals, and 30 customers and 200 users generate about 500 such reports per month.

… and tomorrow

Kristian Federley provides insight into Enics Life’s technology roadmap: “The integration of a supplier portal into Enics Life will be started this year.” With this extension, the customers will get first-hand information about the price and market trends of component technologies.

Moreover, in the future, data, reports and information of all Enics’ services will be, according to the plans, part of Enics Life. This means that customers shall get online information about their prototypes (Enics Rapid) or requested test reports (Enics Catch). Furthermore, status alerts of a field return (Enics Repair) could be retrieved. More examples? Enics Life is intending to provide shipping information for a delivery or to follow engineering change orders (ECO) in a centralized manner.

Federley’s vision is that Enics Life will be the primary example in the market for a thriving collaborative portal. A vision that Dirk Zimanky, Senior Vice President Market Execution, fully supports: “The portal will transform the way information and data is shared and managed amongst all our partners. Together we can grow and co-create opportunities.”

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Enics Life in a Nutshell:

  • Real collaborative web portal
  • Integrates all partners in the value chain
  • Transforms the way data and information is shared and managed
  • On click business relevant information, data & reports
  • Currently: Full Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Services
  • 2016: Start of the integration of an Enics supplier portal into Enics Life
  • As of 2017: Continuation of integrating information & data from all Enics services into Enics Life