Competitive Advantage

Do you want to find a manufacturing partner who understands how to make things happen?

We have over 3000 employees in six countries throughout the world, but for our customers, we work as a single entity, we are One Enics! We have mature processes and staff in place with a proven track record to bring your product to life and to keep it pointed in a direction to deliver profitability to you and quality to your customers.

  • Enics’ focus is on Industrial Electronics, and we offer a wide range of engineering services to complement our manufacturing capabilities from the inception of your product and beyond.
  • We monitor your product pro-actively for potential improvements in process, test, yield, and the impact of obsolescence to allow time for changes and cost savings.
  • We source from preferred suppliers to ensure down to the component level that the parts we use are compliant to your needs.
  • Our use of standardized equipment, software, and processes between facilities lets your product technology transfer seamlessly from one site to another and allows us to provide you with consistent high quality service.
  • Our global presence and standardized processes allow us to shift capacity from one facility to another as product demand changes or to be in closer proximity to geographical areas.
  • We are transparent, and as the customer, you have access to real-time information via Enics Life – our customer portal.
  • Our uncompromising commitment to integrity, honesty, and quality is central to our culture and is apparent in every one of our employees.

Our customers demand the best, and that is exactly what we are committed to deliver. We are privileged to serve the top five OEMs in each of the Industrial Electronics sub-segments as long-term partners. Contact us if you would like to learn more about the Enics way of making things happen for your product!