Conflict Minerals

Conflict minerals are those minerals that are extracted in a conflict zone and often sold to perpetuate the fighting. Section 1502 of the Dodd–Frank Act is intended to make transparent the financial interests that support armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) area. By requiring companies using conflict minerals (Tungsten, Tantalum, Tin and Gold) in their products to disclose the source of such minerals, the law is aimed at dissuading companies from continuing to engage in trade that supports regional conflicts. Section 1502 is applicable to all SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) issuers (including foreign issuers) that manufacture or contract to manufacture products where “conflict minerals are necessary to the functionality or production” of the product.


Conflict minerals – Does it concern my company?

Industry requirements for compliance to the Dodd-Frank Act The Dodd-Frank Act was named after the two legislators who created it. On July 21, 2010, US President Obama signed the Dodd-Frank...