Our Power Products

Our intelligent and customized power control solutions are mainly used in locations with challenging environmental conditions. Our solutions are used in over 2 million power control devices worldwide. Enics’ product offering includes DC/DC, AC/DC, high voltage and precision power supplies along with surge protection devices. We are heavily focused on digital power development. Our design professionals are familiar with various safety and EMC compatibility standards. In our solutions high efficiency and heat control optimization are combined with compact size in order to ensure power control reliability with space-saving design. Thanks to our own testing facilities we are also able to perform EMC- and environmental testing in-house.

Power Distribution Units

In today’s testing environments the equipment must face several challenges to ensure correct and failure free test results. Our power distribution units meet these challenges, and ensure safe and reliable power delivery. Our power distribution units can be used in various industrial applications.

PDU Power Breaker 48-16 – Customizable Power Distribution Unit

The improved PDU Power Breaker 48-16 is high current power distribution unit for 48VDC power supply line. It has 16 Ethernet controlled power channels and each channel is protected by a circuit breaker. The modules are hot swap modules, and each module can be customized according to customer needs. PDU Power Breaker 48-16 can be integrated into 19” rack units.

PDU Power Breaker 48-16 Datasheet

PDU EMI 16A – Power Distribution Unit with EMI filters

A power distribution unit that distributes AC voltage to three separated output groups and has total 12 output connectors. Each output group includes EMI filters to minimize the electromagnetic interferences between the output groups. PDU EMI 16A can be integrated into 19″ rack units.

PDU EMI 16A Datasheet