Enics Test Products

We develop innovative test systems to every stage of the product lifecycle, and our test systems can be used for testing of various kinds of electronics products and also PCB assemblies. Our long experience in production testing of electronic devices is the basis for our offering. We have a track record of more than 2 million delivered test devices over the past 20 years.
Enics offers two test product families, Enics Adapt and Chameleon, to meet the demands of our customers.

For PCBA and End Of Line testing

Enics Adapt test platform family provides efficient solutions for PCBA level and End Of Line testing in volume production. With Enics Adapt test platforms it is possible to test both PCBA panels, individual modules and end products.

Functional Testers

Enics Adapt FT3000

Enics Adapt FT3000 series is a comprehensive test platform for PCBA level and End of Line testing in electronics production. It is designed to cover all the functional testing requirements of a modern electronics product. The Enics Adapt FT3000 series is CE compliant. All test features can be customized based on customer product requirements.

Safety Testers

Enics Adapt ST2000

Enics Adapt ST2000 series safety test platforms are test systems for high voltage, ground continuity and ground bond testing. They are designed to comply with the requirements of electrical safety test for most industrial electronics products in manufacturing environment.

Burn-In Testing

Burn-in testing is used to detect early failures in product before shipping. It is done by subjecting the product to high thermal, power supply and/or electronic load stress for an extended period of time.

Most burn-in test solutions are custom designed as testing requirements vary highly from product to product.

Enics can provide building blocks for burn-in test environment, whether the target is environmental/weather chamber, burn-in cabinet or burn-in room. These building blocks consist of test software platform, selection of proven test equipment and temperature-controlled chambers, and the framework for setting up product-specific parts on a relatively short lead-time. Contact our sales for more information.

RF Shielded Test Fixtures

Enics Adapt RF 19”

Enics Adapt RF19” is a highly efficient test platform with RF shielding for PCBA level testing in volume production. It provides double-sided board test option and easy controlling via Ethernet.

Enics Adapt DualChamber

Enics Adapt DualChamber is an ideal RF shielded test platform for advanced PCBA testing that includes two separate RF shielded fixtures. Test features include PCBA functional and RF testing.

For Automated End Of Line testing


Testing complex devices proposes many challenges - it is often performed in several testing phases requiring extensive amount of test equipment and instruments. Test process is complex and time-consuming, and product change-over in many cases requires a totally new set-up from scratch.

Chameleon products introduce a fully modular solution for End Of Line testing, and building a test environment is straightforward.

Chameleon Test Coverage

Chameleon 157 are suitable for EOL testing of e.g. wearables, infotainment devices, mobile phones and tablet computers. Chameleons perform RF testing, advanced audio testing, PCB panel testing, touch screen testing, display testing and final product testing. By choosing Chameleon You receive extensive testing possibilities in one package.

Modular Construction

Modular construction enables selecting only the test instruments that are needed for Your product, which ensures flexibility. Furthermore, all test instruments can be integrated inside the compact sized platform.
The customized product specific module is the interface between device under test (DUT) and Chameleon. Exceptionally flexible construction makes Chameleon ideal for covering multiple test phases and products with the same test platform just by changing the product specific module.

High-End Audio & Display Testing - Chameleon 157

Chameleon 157 is a high-end test platform for extremely accurate audio and display testing of electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers. It is equipped with extensive acoustic absorption, an integrated audio analyzer and a highly accurate camera system with analysis tools.

Test Instruments

Enics' test instruments are integrated within the chosen test platforms which reduces the need for external cabling and saves space. If needed, all instruments can be used a stand-alone units also.

Test Instruments - Integrated or Stand-Alone

Precision Power Supply Module - i-PPSuM

Highly accurate, LAN controlled adjustable power supply with multiple isolated outputs which makes it ideal for product testing and calibration.

Controllable Power Supply Module - 4PSuM

LAN controlled power supply module with 4 independently adjustable outputs is ideal in PCB panel testing of battery powered electronic devices.

Embedded Audio Analyzer - EAA 4-2-1

With built-in analysis functions the raw data of audio tests is analyzed within EAA 4-2-1 which reduces the external computer system load.

Please feel free to contact sales@enics.com for more product details.

Our Partners

Enics has co-operation partners in testing. In order to provide the best test systems to our customers, we have created a network with the top players of test and measurement technology. Together with our partners we can provide more larger test systems and equipment more efficiently.

NOFFZ Technologies is a general contractor from compact stand-alone solutions to sophisticated complete systems and also one of the biggest NI Wireless Test System (NI WTS) Partner for worldwide RF Multi-DUT Test Solution.