For Automated End Of Line testing

Testing complex devices proposes many challenges - it is often performed in several testing phases requiring extensive amount of test equipment and instruments. Test process is complex and time-consuming, and product change-over in many cases requires a totally new set-up from scratch.

Chameleon products introduce a fully modular solution for End Of Line testing, and building a test environment is straightforward. You select a suitable platform for Your testing needs, and continue with selecting the needed test instruments.

Chameleon Test Coverage

Chameleon products are suitable for EOL testing of e.g. wearables, infotainment devices, mobile phones and tablet computers. Chameleons perform RF testing, advanced audio testing, PCB panel testing, touch screen testing, display testing and final product testing. By choosing Chameleon You receive extensive testing possibilities in one package.

Modular construction

Modular construction enables selecting only the test instruments that are needed for Your product, which ensures flexibility. Furthermore, all test instruments can be integrated inside the compact sized platform. The customized product specific module is the interface between device under test (DUT) and Chameleon. Exceptionally flexible construction makes Chameleon ideal for covering multiple test phases and products with the same test platform just by changing the product specific module.

Chameleon 64™- Agile Basic Testing

Chameleon 64™ is an agile and efficient test platform for basic testing of electronic devices. It is equipped with a programmable robot and a highly accurate camera system which makes it ideal for various testing needs.

pdf Chameleon 64™ Datasheet

Chameleon 111™ - RF Shielded Testing

Chameleon 111™ is an RF shielded test platform for advanced testing of electronic devices. It is equipped with acoustic absorption, programmable robot or pneumatic upper adapter, and a highly accurate camera system.

pdf Chameleon 111™ Datasheet

Chameleon 157 - High-End Audio & Display Testing

Chameleon 157 is a high-end test platform for extremely accurate audio and display testing of electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers. It is equipped with extensive acoustic absorption, an integrated audio analyzer and a highly accurate camera system with analysis tools.

pdf Chameleon 157™ Datasheet

Chameleon 257 - Complete QA & Testing for up to 15" Devices

Chameleon 257 is an RF and audio shielded test platform for comprehensive testing of electronic devices up to 15” size. Test coverage includes e.g. display, camera, audio, RF and sensors.

Chameleon 257 is ideal for final product testing of mobile phones, tablets and vehicle infotainment devices.

pdf Chameleon 257™ Datasheet