Test Instruments

Enics Raahe’s test instruments are integrated within the chosen test platforms which reduces the need for external cabling and saves space. If needed, all instruments can be used a stand-alone units also.

Test Instruments – Integrated or Stand-Alone

i-PPSuM – Precision Power Supply Module

Highly accurate, LAN controlled adjustable power supply with multiple isolated outputs which makes it ideal for product testing and calibration.


i-PPSuM Datasheet

4PSuM – Controllable Power Supply Module

LAN controlled power supply module with 4 independently adjustable outputs is ideal in PCB panel testing of battery powered electronic devices.


4PSuM Datasheet

EAA 4-2-1 Embedded Audio Analyzer

With built-in analysis functions the raw data of audio tests is analyzed within EAA 4-2-1 which reduces the external computer system load.


EAA 4-2-1 Datasheet