Global Sourcing

Market Intelligence

The Supply Chain Review is a report that gives an overview of the latest events impacting the electronics supply chain. In this report, Enics also shares market views and expectations regarding lead times and pricing trends.

Risk Management

Enics’ Source and Select Supplier process targets a supplier base that best fulfills the requirements of Enics and its customers. Key areas are quality, flexibility and cost competitiveness.

Business practices and agreements are set in place from the beginning so there is a common understanding of roles, responsibilities and expectations in our long-term business relationships with our partners.

Enics’ Code of Conduct defines the sustainable policies that the company applies in working with its partners. Having one uniform set of continuous improvement standards, enables us to work jointly with our customers to ensure that the principles of the United Nations Global Compact are implemented.

Opportunities in Cost-Competitive Countries

Asia is one of the key regions for Enics’ Global Sourcing, with the focus on multiple commodities, especially in China. The maturity of the Chinese printed wiring board (PWB) manufacturing industry and its capabilities in mechanics increase flexibility, quality and cost competitiveness, providing stability with mitigated risks. Alternately, when the main focus is on plastics and box-build technologies, Enics can provide mechanical services in Eastern Europe. Having both local and global suppliers, and being able to utilize the one that best fits each particular situation, results in even greater flexibility in terms of shorter lead times, smaller minimum order quantities and reduced logistics costs.