Enics Supply Chain Management: Supply Quality, Delivery Flexibility and Security; Managed Total Cost

The essence of Enics’ industrial electronics supply chain management is collaboration with our partners throughout the value chain to reduce customer supply chain complexity and to provide managed and optimized supply chain services. By working with us, our customers can keep their focus on their own business fundamentals and build for future success.

One Enics

Electronic component procurement is one of the most globalized businesses, making it one of the most complex disciplines in the manufacturing world.

Enics has always invested in maximizing the supply chain in terms of organization, tools and processes, with an emphasis on flexibility, secure delivery, increased visibility and supply quality. As a global company, Enics creates customer-focused, end-to-end supply chain strategies and solutions that optimize the total cost of ownership.

Enics combines its local and global organizations to take advantage of both its global expertise, purchasing and consolidation benefits and the benefits of having manufacturing and operational activities in close proximity to the customer.